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Alex Kerr: Mortgage Broker for First Time Buyers

Hi, my name is Alex Kerr and I specialise in helping first time buyers onto the property ladder for this first.

Sometimes that first step is not always the easiest. As mortgage brokers for first time buyers, we wanted to share a mortgage product that could help you, if perhaps your struggling with a low income.

Joint Borrower Sole Proprietor Mortgages

If you have exhausting all avenues of trying to obtain a mortgage, and nothing yet is working out, a joint borrower sole proprietor mortgage could be the answer.

This is a mortgage product that allows a family member to be party to a mortgage as a joint application, without being entered onto the mortgage deeds and having no claim to the property.

Joint Borrower Sole Proprietor Mortgages

Who is it for ?

A joint borrower sole proprietor mortgage
 can benefit those on a low income, who might not be able to borrow the amount required in order to purchase a property.

How does it work ?

A family member or friend can act as a joint applicant. The mortgage lender will take the income of the family member into account and combine it with yours, therefore creating a higher overall income. This results in a higher borrowing potential, bridging the gap previously left on your sole income. 

How much deposit do I need ?

Currently there are lenders offering this product with just a 5% needed as a deposit.

How many incomes can be used ?

There are mortgage lenders that will allow up to 4 people to be party to the mortgage, combining all of the incomes together, therefore maximising borrowing potential.

What mortgage lenders support the product ?

Many of the high street lenders and building societies offer joint borrow sole proprietor mortgages, but the rules can vary considerably. Some lenders allow friends as the joint borrower and others do not. 

The best bet is to check the lender’s criteria and see which options work best for you. As mortgage brokers for first time buyers, we have excellent relationships with mortgage lenders who offer this product, and we understand the differences between each lender.

Any questions please let me know!

If you feel you may benefit from this product, just get in touch below!

Please see our video below in regards to the joint borrower sole proprietor mortgage.

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Alex Kerr
Mortgage Broker for First Time Buyers

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Any questions, please let me know.

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Alex Kerr
Mortgage Broker for First Time Buyers

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