Mortgage Brokers for First Time Buyers 

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Mortgage Brokers for First Time Buyers

Specialised Service

Mortgage Chain are specialised mortgage brokers for first time buyers. We are passionate about helping first time buyers onto the property ladder for the first time.


Our Owner, Alex Kerr’s Experience as a First Time Buyer

Our owner and founder, Alex Kerr, knows exactly how hard it is to obtain your first mortgage. It was his own confusing experience buying his first home, which inspired Alex to specialise as a  mortgage broker for first time buyers, with a streamlined focus on making a first time buyer experience, which would seamlessly navigate you through the necessary steps, simple and stress free.


Our Mission

We are striving to become the very best mortgage brokers for first time buyers in the UK that specialise in providing services for first time buyers.


First Time Buyer Experience

With that in mind we have created a bespoke service, that provides all the tools and tips a first time buyer would need.

Our service will help navigate through the confusing sea of steps, when becoming a home owner for the first time.

Mortgage Options for First Time Buyers

That includes understanding the costs involved in the process, the different mortgage products and mortgage options available to you as a first time buyer.


Mortgage Brokers for First Time Buyers. The services we offer include: 95% ltv Mortgages, Help to Buy Equity Loan Mortgages, Shared Ownership Mortgages, New Build Mortgages, Guarantor Mortgages, Right to Buy Mortgages as well as providing specialised information on Mortgages for Self Employed, Mortgages for Contractors, Mortgages for Key Workers as well as having the UK’s largest Mortgage Broker YouTube Channel for First Time Buyers.


Free First Time Buyer Guide

We also have a free first time buyer guide you can download with lots of tips and information which will help you in your pursuit to become a first time homeowner. We have also created a special FAQ section with the most common questions answered, such as “how much does it cost to buy a house ?”


First Time Buyer Experience

At Mortgage Chain, all we do each and every day is mortgages for first time buyers, meaning we have become the best mortgage brokers for first time buyers we can be, and our processes in place ensure that every application ends successfully with keys in hand !


Lenders’ criteria

Lenders’ criteria can differ so much and every lender has its own unique “rule book”.


95% LTV Mortgage

The 95% ltv mortgage is the most popular type of mortgage with first time buyers. This is due to the low deposit required of just 5%. This means you only need to put down 5% of the properties overall value, that you are looking to buy.



If you are purchase a property for £100,000 (One Hundred thousand pounds), 5% = £5,000 (five thousand pounds)


As mortgage brokers for first time buyers, we are delighted to confirm we have excellent relationships with mortgage lenders who offer 95% ltv mortgages.


To find out mortgage about 95% ltv value mortgages, to see if you qualify, click below, or book in a free mortgage call. A successful mortgage is all about the preparation, so if you are serious about buying soon, now is the perfect time to get in touch or apply here.

90% Mortgages for First Time Buyers

What is a 90% mortgage ? This is where you purchase a property and deposit 10% of the overall property value.

90% mortgage lenders for first time buyers

The ‘property value’ is the ‘purchase price’ you have just agreed to buy the property for and the deposit amount equates to 10% of the ‘purchase price’.

So for a property purchase price of £100,000, a 10% deposit would apply; £10,000.

In the spring of 2020, in wake of COVID-19, we saw the 90% mortgage market decreased significantly, with the majority of mortgage lenders removing their 90% mortgage deals.

However, in recent months this market has seen a huge turnaround with almost 150 mortgage products available at 90%.

Read more: 90% Mortgage Lenders for First Time Buyers

You might be buying a property which needs some work before moving in, or you maybe on a low income, or maybe you want to buy a New Build, you could have a complicated income set up, have you have just returned to work, or need a lender to take your child benefit income.


In most cases we deal with, there is a complication somewhere. This is where using a mortgage brokers for first time buyers can prove so valuable.

Instead of going from bank to bank, spending 3 hours per visit, a mortgage broker who specialises in mortgages for first time buyers can search the market immediately!


At Mortgage Chain we work with over 100 lenders and understand the right mortgage lender to suit your own set of unique circumstances. So what are you waiting for ?

Find your perfect match today !

Mortgage Broker for First Time Buyers!

We just love helping First Time Buyers achieve their dreams! Power to you.

Our First Time Buyer Service is tried and trusted, just ask our clients!

Helping you be “First Time Buyer Ready”

Are you First Time Buyer Ready ? Whether you are ready to apply now or need some guidance and advice, as mortgage brokers for first time buyers, Mortgage Chain are here to support you throughout your journey, irrelevant of which stage you are at right now. Call us now and book a free “Analysis Call” to determine if you are first time buyer ready.

Using Mortgage Chain will be the best decision you’ll ever make.
Dedicated mortgage brokers for first time buyers and providing the best service to our clients, will have you recommending friends and colleagues.

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Mortgage Broker for first time buyers

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